Packt Azure Redis Cache
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  • 0404.Understanding the App.mp4 (13.57mb)
  • 0102.Introduction to In-Memory Caching.mp4 (12.24mb)
  • 0103.Distributed In-Memory Caching.mp4 (6.02mb)
  • 0104.Open Source Distributed Caching Protocol- Redis.mp4 (3.65mb)
  • 0105.History and Usage.mp4 (9.21mb)
  • 0201.Exploring Azure Redis Cache.mp4 (4.58mb)
  • 0202.Creating an Azure Redis Service Cache Account.mp4 (7.69mb)
  • 0203.Getting Familiar with Services.mp4 (9.54mb)
  • 0301.Azure Redis Cache SDKs.mp4 (4.56mb)
  • 0302.Installing StackExchange.Redis.mp4 (2.64mb)
  • 0303.Exploring StackExchange.Redis SDK.mp4 (4.85mb)
  • 0304.Hello from Cache.mp4 (7.28mb)
  • 0305.Understanding the Program.mp4 (7.51mb)
  • 0401.Publish-Subscribe Pattern.mp4 (5.79mb)
  • 0402.Building a Chat App in WPF.mp4 (11.56mb)
  • 0403.Using the Chat App.mp4 (3.59mb)
  • 0101.The Course Overview.mp4 (6.71mb)
  • 0501.Overview of Clusters.mp4 (7.94mb)
  • 0502.Clusters in Azure Redis Cache.mp4 (7.98mb)
  • 0503.Sharding of Data.mp4 (5.79mb)
  • 0504.Replication of Data.mp4 (4.53mb)
  • 0505.Best Practices for Clustering.mp4 (6.56mb)
  • 0601.Non-SSL Ports.mp4 (7.36mb)
  • 0602.Securing Service Behind Virtual Networks.mp4 (6.76mb)
  • 0603.Data Persistence in Azure Redis.mp4 (6.42mb)
  • 0604.Geo-replication of the Data.mp4 (10.42mb)
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